Hi There! I'm Anna, WellCreator

Can I help you and your company shine and prosper?

Hi There! I'm Anna, WellCreator

Can I help you and your company to shine and prosper?

I believe in holistic and sustainable marketing.

I believe, that behind every successful business are people who know themselves and their goals. Plus they work on the things they do best and enjoy most.

I have experienced that holistic approach adds value. A prosperous, profitable company has a clear direction based on the company’s own strengths. Not on the needs dictated by the environment.

I believe, that an authentic customer experience beats a polished image. The strong expertise of your company stands for true relevance and added value. This approach – meeting the needs of carefully selected customers – cannot help but succeed.

In everything I do, I see that effective marketing brings results. The starting point for profitable digital marketing is an efficient and effective website.

How can I help You?


”Our product/service is selling itself.” Well that’s great. Then you don’t need me.

However, if you want to have on online presence, make sure you are found, noticed, remembered and that you trigger action.

Re-design and re-launch a website?

What, why, to whom and how? I will help you look at the needs, opportunities, aspirations, and resources related to your website renewal. Always with a fresh view and loads of innovative ideas.


Finland has a very demanding growth market that’s worth working with. You will need a proper understanding of the market, the precisely phrasing, and good networks for a successful launch of your product or business. I can help you out with all of these.

Business Coaching

Heading towards new goals? Do you want to develop yourself and increase your business? As your coach I will support you in the challenges and goals of your (work) life.


Here you can find some of the projects I’ve worked with. Most case descriptions are only in Finnish, but feel free to contact me if you’d like to hear more.

Some of the international projects I've worked with:

Who am I?


I’ll be answering your call or email. People describe me easy going and approachable, yet professional and realiable.

In case you’re wondering if I can be the solution to your problem, please contact me and let’s find out together. Even if I cannot help you, I’d be happy to try find a person who can and guide you forward.

If I cannot answer your contact right away, I promise to get back to you as soon as possible.

Shall we meet?

I work online and remote, regardless of location. My customers are from all over Finland and the world.

If you wish to meet, let’s just agree where and when! You’re also warmly welcome to my office at Kuopio in Finland.